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My Life as an Adventure:
I’ve been fortunate in my career to be able to travel, and I have a passion for seeing the world and meeting the locals. I’ve bartered with a farmer selling bananas in Beijing; spoke my broken Spanish to a leather merchant in Cusco; sipped tea with a shopkeeper in Istanbul. A few other places I’ve been…I’ve walked on the Great Wall and climbed Mayan pyramids. I’ve explored the lost cities of Troy and Machu Picchu. Cruised to Pitcairn and Easter Island. Stared into a Hawaiian volcano, and stood on the San Andreas Fault. My travels, adventures and life experiences help to inform my writing and give life to the worlds I create.

I love history and archeology, all things tropical and birds. They can fly!

Other stuff I enjoy: photography, cooking and gardening, cruise ships, spying on nature, museums, concerts, 3D movies on the big screen, and live theater. I love a good baseball game, too, especially if the Red Sox are winning.

Creative Hats - The Career Stuff:
Throughout my career in the entertainment business, I’ve worn many creative hats – Writer/Producer for network television promotion; Writer/Director for Mattel Barbie videos; Segment Director for Hard Copy. I’ve worked with CBS, ABC, FOX, and The Discovery Channel among others and spent the last few years with Castle Research as a Research Consultant for television production, including the CBS series Elementary, and other television series. I’m a member of the DGA, the WGA, Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters In Crime.

I served six years as a board member of our local chapter of Sisters in Crime. While on the SinC/LA board, I coordinated the 2006 anthology LAmarked For Murder. As SinC/LA’s Vice President, I co- chaired the inaugural California Crime Writers Conference. My time on the board brought me new friends and new experiences that I will carry forever.

Go west, young woman! - The Bio Stuff:
I live in Southern California with my husband Jack Beery.

But before that, I was born in New York City, raised in Connecticut, and graduated Cum Laude from Emerson College in Boston as a Film/Theater major. I left the East Coast for the West and drove across country on a grand adventure that brought me to Los Angeles. I’ve been here ever since, and after several decades, consider myself a California Girl.

You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn under Susan Kosar Beery. Stop by and say “Hi.” - S.K. Beery